New tractor line

Date: 14.02.2012

The introduction of John Deere's new 1023E and 1026R offers high-end features in an economic package

New tractor line
John Deere's new 1 Series SubCompact Utility tractor

John Deere's new 1 Series SubCompact Utility tractors for the residential market provide home owners with the power and performance to easily attach and remove implements, work with greater comfort and safety, and mow large volumes of grass with a high quality of cut.

"Never before has there been this much versatility, comfort and mowing performance in the SubCompact tractor market," JohnDeere Product Marketing Manager Dan Paschke says.

"The 1 Series offers a wide array of features usually seen on larger tractors like a deluxe lighting package, position control three-point hitch, and great storage for tools."

The new 1023E (17.3kW) and 1026R (18.5kW) can accept dozens of attachments and implements, such as front loaders, mower decks, rotary tillers, and even a backhoe. Using exclusive AutoConnect™ technology, operators simply drive over the top of the mowing deck to attach it to the tractor.

In addition, iMatch AutoHitch compatible three-point hitch implements can be attached or removed from the tractor's three-point hitch in minutes without ever leaving the seat or using a single tool.

Both tractors have a wide-stance for increased stability, and a standard folding ROPS system for roll-over protection.

The 1026R also features a deluxe lighting system to enable work in low-light conditions, cruise control for mowing in open fields, tilt steering, a tool box, a 12-volt outlet, and a position control three-point hitch which allows the operator to return to the hitch to the same height with precision and ease.

When mowing, operators can easily adjust mowing height from the seat of the tractor with the deck height adjustment knob, and process high volumes of grass with the durable 7-Iron™ deck, made from 7-guage steel.

"The 1 Series is the perfect tool for property owners who need to do more than just mow the grass," Paschke says.

"With the ability to quickly, easily, and safely change implements with John Deere's exclusive technology, owners will be able to achieve more than they ever expected with a SubCompact tractor."

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