Cheapest new 4WD tractor?

Date: 13.04.2012

Looking for Australia’s cheapest new 4WD tractor? The Dongfeng Factory Direct Range from Midway Sales claims the title with a brand new 25hp 4WD machine coming in at an unbelievable $9,950

Cheapest new 4WD tractor?
The Dongfeng ZB25 - the cheapest new 4WD tractor in Australia?

And for $13,950 you can pick up the 4-in-1 bucket model.

Midway Sales Director Scott Spring-Brown says the Dongfeng range is perfectly streamlined. The tractors are fully assembled and 4-in-1bucket models are factory fitted. They are QC passed in China by Midway Sales full-time quality control staff.

There are no middleman dealer costs, there are no elaborate pre-delivery charges - just great prices and a straight forward warranty, he says.

"If you have a basic mechanical aptitude and can perform your own service and maintenance then this is the machine for you." 

While the Dongfeng brand may be relatively unknown in Australia it comes from the same stable as the well-established East Wind brand that has been available in Australia for 15 years.

In addition, thousands of these simple little tractors have been sold in North America and Europe over many years. 

So what do you get for your money? First of all there is a choice between a 25hp model (ZB25), 35hp model (ZB35), 45hp model (ZB45) and 65hp models (ZB65) using direct injected diesel engines respectively. 

The transmission is taken care of with a simple manual four-speed gear box with high and low range. This instils immediate confidence as this is the identical power plant and drive train that has been utilised in the well-regarded East Wind range over a number of years. 

A three-point linkage system and PTO enable all kinds of popular implements to be fitted from slashers to grader blades to get all kinds of jobs done. 

Safety is well covered with an Australian certified folding roll over protective structure (ROPS), PTO shaft guard and retractable seat belt. Plus a clutch engaged safety switch prevents accidental take offs when starting. 

But the stand-out feature in this range is the 4-in-1 bucket. Supplied as standard, it has outstanding versatility to scoop, blade, level as well as grab. Opening the 4-in-1 bucket up exposes the blade for scraping and pushing soil. Being able to close the bucket over an object gives the ability to grab - which is very handy for shifting branches etc. And of course you can use it like a standard bucket to move soil, gravel, mulch etc. 

The BL-25/BL-35/BL-45/BL -65boast lifting capacities of 350kg/400kg/500kg/1,000kg respectively. 

A self-levelling feature enhances safety by keeping the bucket level when raising and lowering the boom. A quick-release mechanism means the bucket can be easily removed to fit other attachments such as a fork attachment with bale spikes. 

To make the machine more manoeuvrable for jobs such as slashing, the entire loader assembly can also be quick released on its own support stands. 

On top of all that you get a one-year parts warranty. When you compare this with what else is available the new and used tractor market it becomes a very attractive proposition.  

At the end of the day the new factory direct Dongfeng range is a brilliant entry-level tractor for the Australian market. 

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