Mahindra expands compact

Date: 17.05.2012

Mahindra has launched the new 4035 4WD PST and 5035 4WD PST compact tractors to complement the top-selling 5035 50hp 4WD Synchro Shuttle and recently released 4035 40hp 4WD Synchro Shuttle tractors in the 35 series range.

Mahindra expands compact
Mahindra's new 4035 4WD PST and 5035 4WD PST compact tractors

The PowerShuttle eliminates the need to use the clutch between forward and reverse operations of the tractor, great for constant direction changes like material handling with loader.

Adding power to Mahindra's already popular and growing range of products in Australia, the PowerShuttle is a nice addition for customers looking to do extensive loader work around the farm, commercial landscaping, bulk material handling, small farm and horse property owners, and grounds maintenance.

One of the most exciting features of the Mahindra compact range is the 2.5-tonne rating on the front axle. With large front wheel equipment standard and superior safe working loads on the loaders, this makes for a great multipurpose tractor well suited to loader applications. 

In fact, with standard operating weight of tractor (without loader attached) of 1,985kg for the 4035 40hp 4WD PST tractor and 2,100kg for the 50hp 4WD PST, these tractors are well suited for tight manoeuvring of heavy materials like round bales. 

The 4035 4WD Synchro and PowerShuttle feature 650kg safe working load on the loader and the 5035 4WD Synchro and PowerShuttle has 700kg safe working load.

All models feature quick-hitch buckets for swapping quickly to hay spikes, pallet forks and 4-in-1 buckets. 

All models have self-levelling loaders and also feature quick attaching loader design for taking the loaders on and off the tractors. 

Sagar Bhadkamkar, National Manager for Australian Operations, says "This is a serious, hardworking compact tractor designed specifically for those tough jobs. With all steel construction, large 16.9x24 ag wheels [on the 5035], and heavy-duty attachments and implements, this tractor will push more, pull more, and lift more to help our customers cultivate their dreams. 

"Combined with our three-year limited warranty plan, this represents the most powerful value package available to tractor buyers today." 

The 4-cylinder diesel engine on the 50hp and 3-cylinder on the 40hp are high-displacement, naturally aspirated direct-injection engines designed to provide excellent torque, fuel efficiency and durability. 

The 50hp engine offers ample strength and traction for tough jobs. In addition, both engines are ultra-quiet, produce cleaner emissions, and conforms to EPA Tier IV norms. 

Standard features include a large-capacity engine, heavy-duty transmission, cast-iron chassis with heavy-lift capacity loader and three-point hitch with quick hitch. 

In addition, the heavy-duty transmission is easy to operate, featuring PowerShuttle shift and 12 forward and reverse speeds. 

Constant-running independent PTO, foot-operated differential lock and a set of auxiliary valves are also standard. 

Mahindra tractors consistently outperform others in their class because of their heavier weight and superior durability, and the 35 Series is no exception.

The solid cast-iron chassis provides the tractors with extra traction, stability and control. 

The heavy-duty front axle is adjustable to allow the operator to adapt to a wide variety of applications, and the exceptional range of axle oscillation helps counter even the most difficult terrain.

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