About Us

Blue's Country Magazine is more than just another 'farming' magazine ... for more than 25 years it has been a much loved and valued source of news, information and entertainment for families that live on the land throughout Queensland, northern New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

Containing a unique mix of news, analysis of issues facing the rural sector, profiles of country characters and community leaders, information on events and entertainment, and the latest news and reviews of products and services of direct relevance to the bush, Blue's may be different but it is highly popular with readers.

A 2010 reader survey found more than three-quarters believe Blue's is 'authoritative and trustworthy', offers a 'good blend of information and lifestyle', and 'keeps me up-to-date with life on the land'.

And with 36,067 magazines (CAB March 2015) delivered direct to registered roadside mailboxes in Queensland, northern NSW and the NT every month, Blue's gets to more key decision makers than any other monthly rural publication.

Indeed, the 2010 survey found Blue's readers own a broad range of equipment and machinery, and are planning new purchases, including:

  • TRACTORS: More than half currently own a tractor; and almost one-quarter intend to purchase a new tractor in the next 2 years
  • FARM MACHINERY/IMPLEMENTS: More than half currently own farm machinery/implements; and more than one-quarter intend to purchase farm/machinery implements in the next 14 months
  • TRUCKS: Nearly three-quarters currently own a truck; and almost one-quarter intend to purchase a new truck in the next two years
  • FOUR-WHEEL DRIVES: Almost all readers currently own a 4WD; and well over one-half intend to purchase a 4WD in the next 2 years

It's no wonder leading suppliers choose Blue's to connect with key rural communities in Queensland, northern NSW and the NT!